Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to class start time or that session will be forfeited. No-shows and absences will forfeit that session.

Payment must be made prior to booking. To book into a class you must either have pre-purchased sessions in your account or pay at the time of booking in the studio.

If a class you want is full, you can sign up for the waitlist. Should a place become available you will receive an email to invite you to a class. You are under no obligation to accept the spot, but we would appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible. Please remove yourself from a waitlist class if you know you cannot attend so the next person on the list moves up.

Pauses to attendance for longer than 4 weeks require $10 fee per class in order to maintain your regular spot.

Sessions are non-transferrable. 

Class timetables are subject to change without notice, and occasionally classes may be cancelled.

Timetabled classes may not be available during public holidays, and through the Easter and Christmas period.

Evolved Pilates reserves the right to substitute teachers where necessary.

Evolved Pilates reserves the right to restrict clients to a particular class type for health and safety reasons; and owners and/or teachers reserve the right to turn clients away if they do not have the correct medical clearance.

Prices will be reviewed from time to time (generally annually) and changes will be communicated in writing 2 weeks prior to taking effect.

Sessions can be extended if you are injured or unwell, in which case we will require a medical certificate. Extensions due to medical reasons must be requested before the expiry date.

Evolved Pilates Membership

Your Membership brings you lots of benefits and some obligations. There are three types of Membership

Evolved4: entitles you to 4 classes for every 4 weekly period

Evolved8: entitles you to 8 classes for every 4 weekly period

Evolved12: entitles you to 12 classes for every 4 weekly period

The number of classes is determined on a rolling basis

This means that, if you miss a class, you have the 4 week period to “catch-up”, or you can arrange a class in advance, if you know you will be missing one in the future

We will do our best to facilitate your booking for any additional classes required, but we can’t guarantee a spot at your preferred time.

The cost is:

Evolved4: $210 per 4 week period ($52.50/class) or $200 for Seniors ($50/class)

Evolved8: $400 per 4 week period ($50/class) or $380 for Seniors ($47.50/class)

Evolved12: $570 per 4 week period ($47.50/class) or $540 for Seniors ($45/class)


Other benefits of EP Membership

10% discount on all merchandise purchases

Quarterly complimentary classes, to which you can bring a mate for free 

Additional classes beyond your normal membership will be available at the Evolved12 rate ($47.50 per class or $45 for seniors).



All Memberships operate on a 4 week autopay schedule from the credit card stored in Mindbody (an encrypted system) via Ezidebit. Payment will continue unless notified (see Termination Policy below).

All memberships require a 4 week minimum commitment.

Memberships will continue with scheduled autopay unless Evolved Pilates is notified of a termination request in writing (see Termination Policy below).

Classes operate on a 4 week rolling schedule – missed classes must be used within the 28 day period.

It is the client’s responsibility to book the available number of classes using our booking system or by contacting us. The full fee will be debited regardless of the client’s attendance at the maximum number of classes.

Membership clients can purchase additional sessions at $47.50 per class or $45 per class for seniors. Additional sessions will be valid for 28 days from purchase. If during the monthly cycle, an extra session is taken and shows as unpaid or owing, a single class fee of $47.50/class or $45 for seniors will automatically be charged regardless of late cancel or no show.



Your Membership Fee is payable per 4 week period via Ezidebit. All you need to do is provide us with your credit card details.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds in the nominated account to enable direct deposit to be processed.

If banking details change, the client will notify Evolved Pilates in advance to avoid delays in payment processing.

Failed Membership payments will incur a $10 fee for every day the payment fails to process. This fee will be processed as a debit on the client’s account which will be processed with the Membership payment. Neither Evolved Pilates nor Ezidebit will be held responsible for any fees or charges associated with declined payments.

On the third day of payment failing to process all booked classes will be cancelled and the Membership will be placed on hold. The failed Membership charge, plus any outstanding fees will be processed as a debit on the clients MindBody account, to be balanced within 7 days or the account will be terminated.



Evolved acknowledges that there may be circumstances which require you to pause your membership

Evolved’s Membership Pauses allow for;

Up to 4 pauses per calendar year, provided that the total pause periods do not exceed 12 weeks. Please email requests to

Pauses in excess of the limits in 1 above will incur a fee at 50% of the normal membership rate for the extra duration of the pauses

At least 2 weeks written notice is required for membership pauses. This ensures that the correct measures are put in place to cease payments that are scheduled for the given period.



Evolved Pilates requires at least 4 weeks written notice to terminate membership. Please email request to 

In the case of long term or permanent injury or illness that prevents the use of our services, immediate membership termination will be permitted. Termination will take effect from the date we receive written confirmation from a medical doctor.

Evolved Pilates may terminate a membership without notice for inappropriate, offensive or illegal behaviour, as determined by us, which occurs on our premises or is directed at our staff or other members.