Hip Hip Hooray

Cuing for optimal hip strength and control

Hips are mobile joints with a clever muscular system to support and enable movement. This workshop will explore strategies for releasing and strengthening the hip, as well as cuing and repertoire for happy, healthy hips.

After years of struggling with her own hip pain, and helping numerous clients with hip complaints, Julia has a special interest in active hip relaxation and specific strengthening. This workshop will include verbal, tactile and visual cues to help you problem solve issues, critically reason your exercise selection and achieve the best outcomes for you and your clients.

Saturday 22 October 12-2pm

Investment: $120 for 1 workshop or $300 for all 3

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Spring It On!

Designed by Ellie Herman, the Springboard is an incredibly versatile piece of Pilates apparatus.

During this repertoire based workshop we will explore creative ways to use springboards to challenge your balance, spark your curiosity and get you moving!

Friday 4 November 1-3pm

Investment: $120 for 1 workshop or $300 for all 3

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Beautifully Basic Matwork

The place where it all begins… but arguably, the most difficult of all.

During this 2 hour workshop we will strip things back to the most basic of exercises and explore the simplicity of matwork. Using language, imagery, breath and touch to enhance your practice and lay the foundation for greater movement to come.

Friday 18 November 1-3pm

Investment: $120 for 1 workshop or $300 for all 3

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About Julia

Julia Frankish is the owner and Director of Evolved Pilates. She opened the studio in 2014 after having taught for a decade in other studios around Melbourne and working closely with physiotherapists and other health practitioners to achieve the health and wellbeing goals of her clients.

Through her experiences with dance training, Julia was introduced to Pilates as a way to strengthen her body, and help hold it together. This ignited a lifelong love of the method and its intelligent movement principles. She attained her Pilates certification in 2005 and has been teaching ever since!

Julia particularly enjoys educating people that are looking to become Pilates teachers, and providing further education for existing teachers. Examples of recent lectures she has presented include Tendinopathy Management within a Pilates Studio and Dynamic Hip Stability for the APMA and National Pilates Training, Spring Board repertoire for the APMA and Posture Alignment and Safe Stretching for Dance for Southern Federation of Dance.

Julia enjoys working with a diverse range of clients. Her philosophy is that Pilates is for everybody – for all ages and body types, and an excellent tool in both acute injury repair and for increasing strength and injury prevention.  She is particularly interested in hip and pelvis mechanics, low back pain and dance conditioning. Her approach is personable and educational and her sessions are designed to rid you of aches and pains, improve your strength and give you an opportunity to better understand your movement habits and mechanics. Pilates teaches the integration of body and mind, and this, combined with precision and control are consistent themes throughout her classes.

When she is not at the studio either teaching classes or running the business, Julia loves to spend time with her partner Louis and their two children Camille and Emmanuel riding bikes and exploring the Merri Creek. She is also a keen baker and loves cooking and decorating cakes and desserts.