Disney movies aside, pain is incredibility debilitating and leads to the creation of poor movement patterns and strategies as a fearful response to feeling more pain.
Have you ever watched someone with back pain get out of a chair, or off the couch? They use everything they can possibly think of to assist them in the fear that their back will hurt. Have you seen someone with a sore shoulder compensate with their neck, side shift their ribs, grimace and do anything they can to avoid the painful range?
A client recently came to the studio with low back pain, pain sitting, moving and difficulty getting out of bed. They also had a business to run and a 10-month-old baby at home. Massage and manipulation hadn’t helped and they were in their own words ‘in serious trouble’.
Through specific deep abdominal and core activation with gentle pre pilates work and upper body release, the back pain diminished. We then over the next few sessions focused on strategies for getting in and out of a chair, the car, lifting their kid out of the cot. It was then they said to me, I am learning to be human again. And it really struck a chord – that’s exactly what we were doing.
If you would like to feel human again, and want help to decrease pain with day-to-day activities, Evolved Pilates can help.