Thinking about becoming a Pilates Teacher? Here’s what we offer at Evolved Plus.

Why exercise selection matters.

Evolved Plus gives you the opportunity to train as a Pilates teacher and begin a career that embodies a healthy lifestyle. Our course is stimulating, informed by the latest research and will equip you to be able to teach body types. Our highly skilled instructors have years of practical experience and will support and nurture you throughout your learning journey. The consistent feedback from previous students is that the Evolved Pilates course is both engaging and inspiring.

Not all bodies are the same, even the same client will feel different depending on the day. This is why exercise selection matters! It’s important to have a knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and exercise possibilities to be able to create a session that meets the needs of the body in front of you.

Evolved Plus is designed to give you the skills to plan and deliver sessions to a diverse range of clients with different abilities and requirements in one class. Throughout the course you will learn to observe and provide ongoing assessment to refine and guide your classes. We will give you the tools to empower you to help others make meaningful changes to their own bodies.

We also recognise how important personal practice is. You don’t need to be able to perform every exercise flawlessly, (although this in itself is the ongoing challenge of consistent Pilates practice!), but you need to be able to ‘feel’ the possibilities of movement in your own body to be able to teach others through verbal cues, touch and visual demonstration.

Pilates teaches you to communicate with your body. Through careful expert tuition, Pilates creates meaningful change and a deeper awareness of what your body can do, allowing you to discover something greater than mindless and uninspiring exercise.

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” Joseph Pilates

Let’s take a well-known Pilates exercise, the first exercise in the Matwork Series – 100s performed here by Joseph Pilates.

Many of the clients I teach wouldn’t be able to do this exercise – it’s tougher than it looks! But with a thorough understanding of the components of the exercise, a good teacher will be able to modify this exercise and teach it to the level of the client on that particular day.

We need to understand what the exercise is about: what’s the focus? If the client reports feeling strain in their neck, their back or their hip flexors, why might that be? Do I need to stop the exercise? Or can I make small changes that allow that client to perform the exercise and still reap the majority of the benefit?

The ability to modify programming and think on your feet is what I believe is the difference between a great teacher/educator and an instructor. A great teacher will practice within the scope of what they know, they will be intuitive to their client’s needs, and educate the client on why they’re doing an exercise to increase their awareness and consciousness of their own bodies.

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.” – Joseph Pilates

The ability to teach safe effective sessions also requires a solid understanding of Anatomy and Physiology – you need to understand it well enough to know when it’s important. Anatomy and biomechanics will inform your movement choices and give you an understanding of how joints move, their range of motion and how to program classes to create balanced strength and function.

Within the Evolved Plus course, we will also teach you how to conduct an Initial Assessment, and from this–in combination with a thorough client history and discussion about client goals– develop a set of focus areas to give clear objectives and outcomes to their Pilates sessions.

Working one on one with a client has significant responsibilities and care of duty. At Evolved Plus, we will empower you to teach safe effective classes, designed to target specific focus areas and be modified to work within the scope of injuries and pain. We aim to create teachers who understand the importance of fostering a positive movement experience, who are self-aware and can educate clients to be aware and responsible for their own bodies.

We love Pilates for its intelligent, intuitive movement practice and we want to foster this in our teachers.

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