Looking for a workout that combines strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination? Interested in a new workout or challenge to add to your Pilates practice?

Look no further – our 5 week Springboard course is due to launch Saturday 20 November! 

First things first though, what is a springboard??

The springboard as its name suggests, is a plywood board that is securely attached to the wall, complete with springs; like what you would see on a trapeze table or on a reformer. The springs attach to the board via eyelets, all at different levels to be able to give you differing lengths and tensions together with handles, foot straps and a roll back bar. 

The Springboard was designed by Ellie Herman.

The beauty of the springs on Pilates’ equipment, is that they add resistance and allow for movements designed to specifically target muscle groups and joints. The height of attachment and the position you hold the spring in with your arms and legs, allows for an enormous number of exercises to be performed including many you’d be familiar with from other Pilates exercises.

The springboard eyebolts are numbered, and the springs are colored coded, making it very easy for us to give you instructions in a group class of where to put the spring, and which spring to use with which foot loop or handle. A huge advantage in using the springboard, as opposed to other equipment, like the reformer, is that your limbs work independently, due to each limb to having its own spring.  This allows us to focus on balancing both sides of the body while challenging symmetry. It also makes it a lot of fun, and the exercise opportunities are limitless!

The other key difference, is that much of the work that we’ll do is in an open chain position, meaning your limbs are working through space, rather than pressing onto a solid surface like the reformer foot bar or carriage.  This decrease in stability, makes many familiar exercises far more challenging. The springboard is also a terrific tool for integrating upright movement patterns and challenging your balance! 

If you’re interested in coming to try out the springboards, to see how they work and how they feel for your body, register for our short course here. Classes are suitable for all levels, however, are not for you if you’re struggling with a serious injury or are pregnant.