Modern life is becoming increasingly sedentary.

Sitting at computers for hours, commuting to work and watching program after program on television – it all takes a toll on our bodies. More than that, it’s a huge deviation from what we’re designed to do and it’s certainly not doing our bodies any good!

What is all this sitting doing to our bodies?

As a Pilates studio, our number one complaint from clients is poor posture. Much of this is due to the sedentary lives we live.
This wouldn’t be such a huge problem if poor posture didn’t come with some nasty side effects. Poor posture, rounded shoulders and slumping combines to place plenty of pressure on our backs. And this often causes back pain.

How can I correct my poor posture?

So, how do you sit up straight? Is it about straightening your spine and pulling your shoulders back? How long can you really sustain posture like that?
Pilates and other types of targeted strength training are a fabulous way to improve the development of muscles around your shoulders and torso. Pilates also addresses imbalances in terms of tightness and weakness of specific areas and gives you better postural endurance to sit well for extended periods of time.
But more than that, it is about education. Pilates teaches how to set up your own body into an ideal position.

From poor posture to perfection

A Pilates class once, twice or three times per week is great. You will feel stronger and more flexible for it. But if you want to be realistic about offsetting 8 hours out of almost every day sitting at a computer or in meetings, I’m sorry, but 1 hour of pilates ‘aint gonna cut it!
At Evolved Pilates we are all about education and good lifestyle choices to promote functional strength and intelligent movement. We teach techniques you can carry through into your daily life and help you feel 100% better (and far less slumpy).
Drop in and talk to us or shoot through an email and we’ll help offset your daily habits and lifestyle.